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New Paradigm Companies
Delivering solutions

for your life and land.


New Paradigm Companies (NPC), was founded in 2020 by a tenured environmental and building professional with over 15-years’ experience who had a dream to create a firm that addressed the regional home performance and sustainability needs in the construction and provide sound scientific solutions to improve our habitats.

The idea of "New Paradigm" came about as my desire to change the thought process in the home building industry as well as how we look at and manage our habitats. The term "paradigm" is essentially a deep ceded thought process (think of the term, "This is the way we always do that"). That statement essentially encompasses a "paradigm" or a set of values or ethos that we have. I want to change the way we think about our homes and habitats as a more comprehensive and holistic management system instead of our task focused system currently in place... thus "New Paradigm".

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New Home Construction
New Home


The Why - Homes

•As much as 30% of materials end up in trash (ScienceDirect)

•An average of 8000 lbs of waste per 2,000 square foot home (Green Building Elements).

•2018 – 145 million tons of construction debris in landfills (EPA)

•Limited Oversight – Lack of Transparency

•Builders design and build to the (minimum) standard

•Consumers and Clients are becoming increasingly aware of Green Practices AND are requesting these items.


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Habitat Management & Restoration

The Why - Habitat

•It can take as much as 40 trees to build a home (Home Preservation Manual)

•One Billion Acres per year of forest loss from 2015-2020 (UN News)

•60% reduction in honeybee hives from 1947 to 2008

  • There are many grant opportunities for afforestation and pollinator planting.

  • There are numerous options for multi-use habitats to combine both personal enjoyment and a better habitat for wildlife that many landowners aren’t aware of or taking advantage of.



The Why - Consulting

•Our regulations are constantly changing, and it is often difficult for many companies to keep up with new requirements.

•Purchasing a property or a company can come with substantial risks that buyers may not know or understand without proper due diligence.

•Labor shortages especially in EHS are a problem for many companies even before the pandemic. Many companies now have outsourced their EHS responsibilities to consultants.

•Our area has had a very rich history of development between paper making, saw-mill and logging operations, and heavy manufacturing. That rich history has led to many environmental problems relating to contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment.

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